Casey Reale


Casey Reale



As thoughtful and contemplative as I can be, I am an individual who is always affected by the world around him. I see it all, I feel it all, and it’s hard to keep a focus when so much is happening all of the time. I don’t think I’m alone when I ask: what has this world come to?


Everywhere we look there is fighting and murder and debate and upset. On top of that, there are full diapers, sad spouses, uncomfortable work environments, and frankly; a lot of people we don’t even want to try to like. This is the tangible tension that always exists among us.


These days, the buzzword for obtaining inner-peace to ease this inevitable tension is balance, am I right?


“If I could only achieve balance in my life, then two plus two is always going to equal four and I’m going to feel way better.”


Well, the battle of our lives isn’t for balance at all. In fact, if that’s the goal, things are always going to be out of whack. The battle of our lives is for Jesus’ supremacy. Serving Jesus as Lord cannot be about balance. It has to be about putting all of our weight down on one side and letting our faith cause an intentional imbalance. The enemy knows that he cannot win the war, but the battle for you and me is still hot with fire and fury. We need Jesus to reign supreme in our lives, and that means placing the mass of our world on His shoulders!  


As a child, my friends on the playground would hate to teeter-totter with me. I am currently standing at 6’5” and 250 pounds so I have a feeling this hasn’t changed much over the years. They knew that if they were to play with me, it would take a lot of effort to get me out of a grounded position and into the air. In fact, if they could even manage to get me vertical, they’d end up flying through the air themselves because of the rate at which I would hit the ground again. I carried a weight with me that anyone in opposition would know they couldn’t come against. Jesus is that giant child on the playground that you don’t want to teeter-totter with, but a perfect picture of why you want to give Him everything you’re going through. He can hold His own, and if we give Him our marriages, our worship, our energy, our time, and our resources- this will only add to the guarantee that our scales won’t tip.  


When we dwell on the inconvenient and the problems and the difficult, we are worshipping the wrong thing. Think about this for a moment: why would we ever want to strike balance between chaos and freedom? This is exactly what the opposer wants us to do! He will try desperately to throw junk into our world; hijacking our worship and tipping the scales, leaving us to give honor to everything we think is wrong in our lives.


We are never just going to “get through” something, we will always worship our way through something. Whether that’s Jesus or your problems is up to you, but:


Whatever controls the worship… controls the war.


If we’re going to live for balance, we will always be stuck in between extremes. Your scale is fluctuating between freedom and chaos, so which way are you going to lean?